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New equipment for digital prints ever more perfect

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The company has more than 30 years in step with the times, we were among the first to accept the digital challenge, investing in cutting-edge technology, computerizing all stages of production and strengthening human resources allowing us to cover the entire range demands of our customers.

We have 6 groups of offset printing in all formats and computer lines for high production of MAC and PC platforms. All the equipment travels on the network computer and have all the applications for photo editing, desktop publishing and computer graphics processing, scanning of all types with high-resolution flatbed scanners, imagesetters ..

We produce just about everything for a complete overview, please consult the appropriate area dedicated to produzione.

We like to be present with a style that emphasizes all the best aspects of human work: fairness, trust and friendship.

Do not hesitate and contact us for any need, we will always find kindness and a commitment to always satisfy your every request big or small!